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     My workshop is located in Monmouth County, NJ...Down by the shore! This is where I create my jewelry and play with many tools. It even seems at times that my tools have tools!
     Designing and creating my jewelry full-time is certainly rewarding! My intention is to create "funky-elegant" jewelry. When I create, colors and small details come into play. I have many designs in my mind and sketch book that will hopefully become reality someday.  Inspiration comes from so many avenues. Living at the Jerseyshore alone is so inspiring. Nature's colors seem to be the best of course...but then the color of the parkway sign inspires me as well! I say this with a smile. Over the years I seem to have dabbled in any artistic endeavor that catches my eye. I enjoy the dance of all art and definitely bebop to all the music of creativity. For years I enjoyed painting, stenciling, sewing, decorating. You name it I did it!  My friend, Pat took me to a bead store one afternoon and it was love at first sight! I am in awe of the enjoyment I feel after finishing a design.
     When I choose materials for my designs I look for quality. Down by the shore we have local bead shops that are wonderful. I can hand pick my selection of beads and start creating in my mind before I get back to my workshop.  One of my goals is to start creating designs with recycled beads.
      Lampwork beads have also caught my eye.  These beads are so beautiful and unique. No bead is truly the same. Much work goes into creating a lampwork bead. I try to use these beads as much as possible. I also make lampwork beads but buy the beads most of the time. I just don't have time for everything.
     Lastly, people have asked how I arrived at the name, To Be Me Jewelry. I use to try to be just like everyone else...not like me. I found as I got a bit older that I needed to feel what was going on inside of me. What I found out, is I'm a unique person and need to reflect that person and not the people around me. I need to be true to myself and my spirit and the rest of life will flow as it should. As I look around, I see all woman as unique individuals. The only flaw I see in women, is they need to take care of themselves more. We need to take a break from being the care giver.
      Please enjoy my website!  I hope that with this website you will find what you are looking for and may it represent who you are!
 Email me-I would love to hear from you.
                                                                 Claire DeRosa
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